Kathryn Kaufmann, Writer

Welcome and thank you for visiting. May you find hope through the quotes to guide and steer you through the up’s and down’s of life. I love quotes and have always enjoyed coining them. I had collected so many in my head, I decided to write them down and share by launching www.KatsQuotes.com.

Ironically, my first book titled Marriages Meant to Be is a collection of true and unusual stories on how couples met, yet I’ve never tied the knot. And, just as ironic, I wrote the majority of Marriages Meant To Be while working as a court reporter in divorce court. But it was there I collected an awesome chapter titled Bound by Destiny from a circuit court judge. It’s funny how life has its twists and turns!

I believe in love, fate and destiny as much as I believe God gave me a writing talent. I believe in the institution of marriage. And though marriage isn’t always easy, being single isn’t a cakewalk either, which leads me to introduce my second book titled The Dating Debacles of Daisy Fields. We all have to ask ourselves the question, “What exactly in life is easy?” Daisy Fields encounters one crisis after another and uses her self-deprecating humor to entertain readers as they strap on their seatbelts and take off on this singles’ roller coaster ride life has engineered for Daisy.

I love people! I love life! I love hearing from and communicating with those who reach out to me. I want my writing to touch your life and the lives of those you share me with in a big way. I want you to relate to my work, be moved by my stories, inspired by the power and truth behind the words and become a better person because of it. I write what God dictates!

Kathryn Kaufmann, Certified Life Coach

Aside from writing, I am also a Certified Life Coach.  What does that mean? I motivate people to shift their thought processes from negative to positive thinking, from seeing the glass half empty to seeing the glass half full. I encourage individuals to break out of their box so that they can begin accomplishing desired goals and realizing those dreams that have been collecting dust on the top shelf of their brain for far too long. I instruct individuals, stuck on the hamster wheel that is spinning them into nowhere, to step off and starts guiding them on a forward journey.