A friend of mine used to say repeatedly in conversations, “Don’t Burn Your Bridges.” He said it so many times, it was graffitied onto my brain. He was speaking of people in his workplace and how office politics had caused many ruffled feathers. At times he said he was tempted to get involved. But during the midst of it all, he kept quiet and stayed out of the burning heaps of gossip, backstabbing and mudslinging that was an every day occurrence.

It’s been over twenty years and he is not only still employed at the same company, but he has even had the opportunity to travel the world for training to prepare him for his new and high-ranking title.

It’s so easy to burn a bridge in a fit of anger, blow up at the cashier, waiter, co-worker, doctor, teacher, preacher, staff, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, and children. People throw the third finger at another driver. Tailgate the car in front of them trying to get ahead, all to meet them at the same destination.

A burned bridge will leave you stranded on the “Highway of Regret.” It’s hard not to lose your cool, but sometimes just walk away and return when your rising temperature registers normal again.

Written by Kathryn Kaufmann © June 25th, 2018


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