(Photo of my Mom and Grandmother along with the scissors and spatula that hold deep meaning to simple treasures)!

Recently, I was going through family belongings when I stumbled across one out of about twenty or more boxes. The second  I opened this particular box, what was staring back at me caused me to immediately time-travel to the 1970’s.

Sitting in a chair in our kitchen, I was peering over Mom’s shoulder watching her whip up her mouth-watering delicacies: Red Velvet cakes, Rum cakes, Pound cakes, Carrot cakes, Strawberry cakes, and my favorite Coca-Cola cake, along with brownies or any other kind of homemade baking that required a mixer.

Vividly, I recalled her taking that rubber Tupperware spatula and beating it against the glass bowl so hard there would not be one lick of cake or cookie batter left. And if there was, she would brush one side against the inside of the bowl so that any leftover batter would slide into the mix and then she would repeat the same practice on the opposite side of the spatula before dropping it into the sink to be washed.

When I turned twelve, she began to teach me to make M&M ® Cookies from scratch. I had cut the recipe out of Teen Magazine (using the pair of heirloom scissors in the picture) and still have the original recipe to this day! As the featured photo depicts, the aged and beat-up, bent-up, chipped-up spatula is proof of its use in the hundreds of cakes, pies, brownies and batches of cookies that were made in our Indian Hills home.

This particular pair of scissors was like a childhood friend that I hadn’t had contact with in years, the person that brings back a flood of good memories when you reconnect with them. I could see my maternal grandmother sitting at her sewing machine, cutting patterns to make my Easter dresses or school clothes. She sewed handkerchiefs and gave them—along with a poem on a pre-printed card—as baby gifts, always requiring the use of the scissors to sew her crafts.

The entire family used the scissors to cut tags off new clothes, cut the roll of ACE™ bandages to wrap a cut or a wound. Once I even cut my hair with those scissors, and that is one memory I wish to forget.

When it became the fad to cut off the legs of blue jeans and wear them as denim shorts sporting the fringed threads around the bottom, those scissors did the trick for me. I thought I was too cool for school.

I could go and on. Without providing actual photographs or videos, you get the picture of so many wonderful creations that were handmade and homemade using this single spatula and pair of scissors. It’s not just photographs that hold treasured memories.

Do you have any objects in your possession that bring back wonderful times? Feel free to share.

Written by Kathryn Kaufmann © June 16th, 2018


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