There are people who will knock themselves out for a position of power. They kiss up to those in authority while looking down on the ones they’ve deemed useless and unimportant to them. When exposed to these types, it can feel demeaning to work with, socialize with, church with, network with, campaign with or whatever “with,” but it shouldn’t.

When you love and put God first, are happy with who you are and where you are and you treat everyone equal, no matter their title or importance, (if they’re living in a mansion or a motel, the CEO or the custodian, the prince or the pauper) you’re already in perfect position.

If someone craves power, it’s a testament that underneath all the façade, all the anxiety they put themselves through to try to get noticed or attain position, their real hunger is for the Holy Spirit. 

Can I get an Amen?

Written by Kathryn Kaufmann © August 14th, 2018


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