Friendships are Like Trees.

Friendships are Like Trees.

They can last a long time, but the toxic ones need to be removed.

It’s weird how visuals appear in my head because I had been comparing broken tree limbs and branches to broken friendships. Like when you feel there is a crack in the relationship, go ahead and back off before the whole foundation is uprooted.

Lo and behold, as recently as last weekend, I was traveling I-10 East on my way home from Orlando, Florida when traffic came to a standstill. Damage from Hurricane Michael in October 2018 caused major damage from the Florida Panhandle all the way to Tallahassee and even as far northeast as Cottondale, Alabama. Workers had to close an Interstate lane while removing fallen trees and debris that had not yet been cleared from Michael’s October fury. While stopped in traffic, I had to snap a shot. The aftermath of Hurricane Michael had provided all the footage I needed to complete my article on a topic that had been pounding my brain.

Oftentimes, we feel the tension in a friendship. Maybe we have outgrown it. Maybe someone wants to pull us in one direction when God intends for us to move into another. Maybe they have a jealous or toxic spirit and we are supposed to surround ourselves with people who basks in the light. We know it’s a matter of time before there is a snap in the line of friendship, yet we don’t move on and then comes a major blowup that can cause permanent damage.

When the soul is forecasting a storm, don’t wait for that friendship tree to uproot. Move to higher ground and take cover while you wait for the storm to pass. ~ Kathryn Kaufmann

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