Your First Step to Writing!

Your First Step to Writing!

If you want to get anywhere in life, you first have to start. To lose weight, you have to start eating healthy and exercising. To be an athlete, you have to practice daily. To get an education, you have to start school.

To be able to write your dream book or novel, you have to start. It can write itself in your head but the story can’t come to life until it hits paper.
I’ve been where many find themselves right now. It takes discipline and determination.

Lesson One: Grab a pen and paper or sit in front of the computer and write whatever comes into your mind. It might not make any sense. We are our own worst critics. But just write. One thought leads to another. One idea sparks another. When you feel you can’t write another word, STOP. And then start over again tomorrow! ~ Kat

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