Gauging Personal Growth!

Gauging Personal Growth!

Gosh, the other day I was sitting there questioning myself: Why is the list of people I talk to shrinking? And the answer immediately came: It’s by your own choosing.

At first, I didn’t think of it in that light. But after some deep thought, it made perfect sense. I truly believe our bodies react–at least I know mine does–when we are in the company of those who suck our energy and others who fuel us with energy.

This year especially, without even being conscious of my actions, I have limited conversations with people I used to speak with daily or I have avoided them completely. Reflecting back, just thinking about talking to certain ones brought on a feeling of doom and gloom, so I’ve learned to avoid them. Or I’ve limited my time with them if I have to speak with them.

The body talks. And if you dread conversations with one or more people, it’s not always a bad thing. It’s simply you, like a plant, coming up out of the ground and into full bloom.

Did you know some of the many benefits we can get from plants are: stress reduction, calming, reduction of workplace negativity, and improvement of memory and concentration? I guess that explains why a walk with nature brings tranquility. It’s all in finding that perfect balance.

December 11th, 2019 Kathryn Kaufmann ©

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