SingleTine’s Day!

SingleTine’s Day!

Sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying! I know I do.

Yesterday I was thinking that I’d spend another year staying in on Valentine’s Day while so many others dine out. And it came to me that even a glass of wine has somewhere to go. And I literally laughed out loud and coined this cute little quote that I hope keeps you chuckling–and maybe chugging–along with me.

Raise your glass and virtually join me for a Singletine’s Day toast!

P.S. Single isn’t so bad. Marital life could be much worse if we were with someone who doesn’t even acknowledge us, or that it’s Valentine’s Day. Or they could have another Valentine that we aren’t aware of. So many reasons to be grateful for being spared from a bad situation.

Kathryn Kaufmann ©

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